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Institutions no matter their orientation now rely on technology. From businesses to nonprofits, school systems and governments, none seems to be an exclusion. They also use computer systems in their day-to-day operations. However, computers break and systems fail. When this happens, we need experts to fix them. This fall within the reach of Information Technology professionals. They are all about troubleshooting and problems solving whilst also providing great customer service along the way. Their roles include setting up computers for users within organizations, overseeing computer systems, debugging problems when they arise, and ensuring the smooth running of systems in every block of it. These roles can be served in-person or remotely. However, experts required for the role need thorough upbringing in the information technology world. This is why this course is essential.

About this course

This course prepares you for a career in high-growth Information Technology field. You do not have to have an experience to begin as the lesson material has been packaged in such understandable way everyone. The course is preparing you for one of the high in-demand skill in the Us and most part of the world as it provides you with clearly greater career trajectory. With this course, you can be sure of successful attempt on the CompTIAA+ exams. This is an industry standard certification for IT. But taking this course earn you a dual credential when you complete both courses. Professionals have said that this course will earn you up to 12 college credits which is an equivalent of 4 associate degree level courses. As it contains hours of instruction and hundreds of practice-based assessments, you will be simulating real world IT support scenarios that are critical for hands-on success in your workplace.

Learning Outcome

Enrolling for this course is putting a foot forward in shopping for vital general computer system skills as network protocols, binary codes, domain name systems, technical customer support, debugging and cloud computing, encryption algorithm and techniques among others. Specifically, after the course you can expect o have learnt as well as demonstrate enough skills for

- Entry level IT job

- Day-to-day IT support task as wireless networking, computer assembly and program installations among others

- Troubleshooting and debugging

- The use of operating systems including Linux, Domain Name Systems, Command-line interface and Binary Codes.

Why Emily’s Course?

As a reputable professional certificate course creator, Emily focuses on three important things for every student that take her course.

First, she wants to ensure that you build the skills that get you job ready no matter how basic the course may seem. She understands that you are either looking to learn a new skill or begin a new career path. In both scenarios, you will likely want to try out the skills being learnt in new roles. Therefore, Emily gets you prepared for the task ahead.

While so many courses online focus on theories that earn students’ certificates, Emily focuses more on hands-on project as the end justifies the means. She helps to ensure that students build their own portfolio of practice and showcase readiness for the new challenge.

Overall, Emily wants you to earn a career credential. Thus, she provides you with your course certificate after completion and assessment to support your career or kickstart a new one. However, there could be further terms to getting a certificate as you may want to find out.

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